Kendor Master Repertoire Series

I was honored to work on this project with the wonderful composer Carl Strommen.  I'm very proud of the way it came out.  It's a collection of Level 4 solos including an original by my dear friend Ken Pollitt and my own composition Explorations I, which is designed to be a fun intro to aleatoric music.


My composition Explorations I was written to introduce aleatoric techniques to younger players interested in "exploring" this style of music.  Check out this YouTube video where I demonstrate each of the techniques employed in this piece and then play through the composition.

Master Repertoire


Here's the contents page from the Master Repertoire Collection

Kendor Debut Solos

We followed up the very successful Repertoire Series with this book of Level 1-2 Solos.  Very accessible solos for the beginning player, and lots of familiar tunes which are fun to sightread for more advanced players.  The book comes with wonderful play-along piano accompaniments as a free download.